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If your current website isn’t on WordPress, you should consider changing. Here’s why:

In as much that it is true, WordPress has its origins as a blogging system, it is also correct to say that it has evolved into one of the most powerful content management system ever.

It has become multifunctional and has made it easier to set up full-fledged websites that load very fast on mobile.

The reason why it is so famous is that it is very easy to use. In fact, about 2.5% of all sites are run via WordPress.

Why you should use WordPress for your website

It’s software that is open source
The software is free for all. That’s right. WordPress is available for use by anyone, and the source codes are publicly available. The software can be downloaded by anyone and is ever changing, there are new updates each day thanks to the dedicated line of developers who tirelessly work to make such updates available to the public. Such dedication is what makes it a hot cake.

Easy to learn, use updates
One amazing thing about WP is the ease at which it is updated. This is why developers prefer using it to maintain different aspects of their B2B site because updates are free and regular.

Additionally, if you’re within the WP organization you can update the software. No need for tech gurus. Just log into the site and perform the update at one go.

High security
Because the site is open source shouldn’t worry you when it comes to security. Security is always up to date and top notch because the software is always being spot checked for vulnerabilities by it’s a lot of developers.

WordPress makes SEO easy
The transition of WordPress into a content management system has made it a favorite for applying page SEO. SEO is features are very important for any page especially for bloggers.

It has a truly customizable appearance
Something important about websites is the appearance. WordPress has tons of themes to choose from, and can transform any page from dull to an instant attraction. Whatever you need, there is a theme that adequately represents what you have in mind, and there are plenty of them which are easily customized.

It is already mobile optimized
It is important to know that much of internet traffic is from mobile users. Thanks to WordPress, it’s easy to make a mobile web from scratch. And the best part is, the page would end up as responsive as possible depending on what you’re hosting.

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