Connecting, Sharing, and Coping


  • Provides support network for teens by teens
  • Provides posting boards for teens to share their thoughts and stories including:
    • being newly diagnosed
    • coping
    • side effects
    • staying connected
    • making new connections
    • encouraging, empathizing, and venting
  • Provides information on how to deal with issues including:
    • one’s body
    • one’s life
    • school
    • other people
  • Provides information on staying healthy including:
    • nutrition
    • recipes
    • exercises
    • relaxation
  • Provides information on treatments
  • Provides a medical dictionary
  • Provides links to multiple cancer organizations and societies

Clayton Dabnney for kids with cancer

  • Helps low income families with children in late stages of terminal cancer in the form of gifts or financial assistance

Coping Space

  • Provides a variety of resources to deal with the trauma of childhood illness
  • Provides resources for siblings, caregivers, and community as well

Group Loop

  • Provides online support for teens with cancer as well as for their family and friends
  • Provides a place for teens to connect with teens while battling unwanted aloneness, loss of control, and loss of hope
  • Provides Information on how to deal with doctors, nurses, health care team
  • Tackles problems involving returning to school, planning for the future
  • Provides resources in each of the following categories:
    • social and emotional support services
    • advocacy
    • camp/ outdoor activity programs
    • financial assistance/scholarships
    • fertility, intimacy, sexuality concerns
    • beauty/self esteem programs
    • social networking
  • Free to join but registration necessary

Imerman Angels

  • Imerman Angels partners individuals fighting and surviving cancer with “Mentor Angels” (other survivors and caregivers who fought and survived the same cancer).  Caregivers are also matched with other caregivers and survivors.
  • On February 21, 2011, Imerman Angels announced an official partnership with the Livestrong Foundation.  Imerman Angels now fulfills Livestrong’s mission of providing one-to-one support for anyone touched by cancer.
  • This service is free for anyone touched by any  type of cancer, at any stage, at any age, and living anywhere in the world.

Stupid Cancer

  • Launched in 2007 and originally called “I’m Too Young For This!,” the organization was founded by and for young adults affected by cancer. It is full of sass and attitude!
  • Empowers young adults affected by cancer by building community, improving the quality of life, and providing meaningful survivorships
  • Provides social networking features such as blogging and active online forums
  • Offers opportunities for education and advocacy such as “Stupid Cancer Boot Camps” and an annual “OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults.”
  • Hosts “Stupid Cancer” community and social events such as happy hours, BBQs, film screenings, and weekend retreats for outreach, awareness, and support
  • Features an online broadcast of “The Stupid Cancer Show” a weekly show co-hosted by “I’m too young for this!” founder/CEO, Matthew Zachary and journalist, editor, TV correspondent, and young cancer survivor, Lisa Bernhard

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